Balconi history started in 1939 from the intuition of Mr. Balconi Luigi who opened, in Milan, a small mechanical workshop to produce precision fly presses.
In 1962, Balconi moved to its current headquarters in Varedo with an area of around 15,000 square meters where the son, Mr. Costante Balconi, began the production of manual mechanical presses, C-frame presses produced in series with the introduction, for the first time on the market, of the electronic combined with the mechanical presses with the releasing of the first electronic feeders.
Very soon, over the years, also thanks to the continuous technological evolution and the market requests of high-performance automatic machines, Balconi finds its main outlet, becoming in a short time a prestigious brand with quality recognized all over the world with its, ever-present, strong point: “the Balconi Plunger system” for the ram precision guiding.
Balconi has been the first company in its sector to certify the Quality Management System as early as 1995 in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standard, now UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.
In the 2000’s the daughter, Mrs. Alessandra Balconi, managed the company continuing and supporting the new challenges of the market.
In a world of strong globalization, in 2009 Balconi joined FSD SNOP Group, a family company that today boasts 9200 employees, 40 manufacturing plants, 6 technical centers in 14 countries consolidating its presence as a successful international entrepreneurial reality.

the evolution of production

1966 – C-frame presses with plunger system, series MTRS/L

1967 – C-frame presses with plunger system up to 750 spm, series MTS; straight-side geared presses up to 400 spm, series DM and 2DM

1969 – straight-side geared presses with single/double gear reduction, series 2DMR

1972 – straight-side geared presses with single/double gear reduction and frontal shafts (large tables), series 2DMRF

1974 – straight-side geared presses with gear reduction, low inertia units for productions up to 250 spm, series 2DMRV

1976 – knuckle horizontal presses for aluminum impact cold extrusion, series KE

1978 – column presses for the production of electrical contacts, dynamically balanced, with speed up to 1200 spm, series 25DC4hs

1980 – geared reduction presses four points, series 4DMRF

1980 – transfer press with outside ram of large dimensions 2DMRV-400-600

1982 – high-speed presses (up to 800 spm), dynamically balanced for the production of electric motors, coins, aluminum slugs, series 2DMhs

1983 – horizontal ironing press for aluminum cans, series TR600

1983 – column press for the production of fins for radiators, series 60DC4

1984 – presses with two rams for the production of food metal cans, series 2DM-2sl

1995 – column presses, with lower drive, dynamically balanced equipped with mechanical transfer up to 300 spm, series 60CB4

2002 – double-column presses of big dimensions with kinematic for the ram slowdown during stamping, mainly designed for the automotive sector, series 2DMRF-ED-LD

2011 – Roll forming lines, series PRF2

2012 – Servopresses, i.e. mechanical presses controlled directly by electric motors, with fully programmable ram movement, series 2DMRF-SD

2016 – Press for cold impact extrusion of 2000 tons

2016 – Transfer servopress 1600 tons

2021 – Link-drive press of 2000 tons, transfer, for the automotive industry