High speed blanking of motor laminations requires machines with special stiff frames, to stand the high vibration effects generated during production.
It is also necessary to have a high precision ram guiding, a conditioning system for the machine lubrication oil, a dynamic system to balance the inertia forces of the moving parts (crankshaft, connecting rods, ram and upper part of the tool), to allow the press to run at high speed without vibrations, installed on proper shock absorbers, without need of anchoring or foundations.
The press frame stiffness assures minimum bed deflections under total load to have a better press running, a longer tool life and a better accuracy of the lamination produced.

Quick lift system of ram: 100 mm to release the press and to inspect inside the tool area.

Presses for the production of motor laminations have very short stroke length and during tool set up the operator has a very small space to inspect the tool.

With the QUICK LIFT system, the operator can lift the ram by 100 mm from the operator panel. The ram lifts up automatically in a few seconds and at the end of the operation it goes back to the exact same working position, thus avoiding long and difficult adjustments of ram heights and assuring considerable time savings and higher precision.

Machine recirculating lubrication system with oil conditioning.
The lubrication of all working points is assured by a recirculating oil system with forced jet pressure and total recovery of the lubricant. The oil recirculates from the crown all around the press frame and its temperature is kept constant and under control by a thermo-chiller (to heat the oil when the temperature is cold and to cool it when it is hot). With such a system a better lubrication is assured and unequal frame dilations are avoided for a better and more accurate running.
The range of Balconi blanking presses for motor laminations is wide and it includes machines up to 6.300 kN force