In the production with progressive tools, the material used to produce the part is fed into the press by band feeding lines to unwind the coil and the blank is separated from the rest of the band in the last tool station. This method allows to achieve high production speeds and quick production changes.

Balconi presses for progressive tools include a wide range of models to meet the most different and specific production needs:

  • Balconi manufactures presses up to 30.000 kN force.
  • Presses can have fixed or variable stroke and the kinematic for ram movement can be eccentric, Esadrive, knuckle-joint, Link-drive or Servodrive, on the ground of the applications and the parts to be produced.
  • On the ground of the production needs and the table sizes, Balconi presses can be made with one, two or four connecting rods.
  • All presses can be equipped with a quick tool change system to reduce change of production and set up times.

Press frame stiffness, specific technical solutions to weld our press frames, accuracy in machining and assembling, ram precision guiding by means of the exclusive Balconi Plunger system, make this range of presses especially appropriate for productions with high tensile steel.

These new types of steel in fact generate strong vibrations and shocks to all the press components and if the machine is not properly designed and manufactured vibrations can generate a deterioration to the main parts in the time.

Automatic stroke change
The automatic stroke change in the eccentric type mechanical presses is completely automatic and it is managed by means of a PLC from the operator control panel, through a tool code stored in the tool library.

Ram slow motion systems
Balconi offers several types of ram slow-motion systems, each one designed and built to optimize machine productivity on the ground of the customer’s needs, the material specifications and the parts to be produced:


This system is appropriate for machines with an average stroke length, to produce components with coining operations on high strength and very thick materials, thanks to the specific slow-motion curve of ram during working phase.


This system is suitable for machines with an average stroke length, for the production of drawn, bent or coined parts. The ram motion is slowed-down during the final working phase and accelerated during approaching and return stroke.


This system is suitable for long stroke lengths for the production of deep drawn parts. Ram motion is slowed down during all the drawing operation with a constant speed, to optimize metal forming


This type of ram slow motion is made by torque Servomotors and it gives the maximum production flexibility and productivity. You can find the information concerning this type of presses in the dedicated area: “SERVOPRESSES”