Extrusion presses are specifically designed to produce aluminium cans, tubes and similar products, starting from an aluminium slug through the extrusion method (material due to the impact force generated by the machine goes up on the punch and forms the classic cylindrical shape, with variable diameter, length, wall and bottom thickness depending on the force and slug thickness used).

Can or tube are therefore made in one stroke of press, at a speed that can reach 330 strokes per minute, according to the machine size (force) and the can/tube to be produced.

These machines are the head of large integrated production lines, completely automated, they run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they need to be extremely accurate to assure the maximum reliability either for the intrinsic difficulty of the extrusion method and for their intensive way of use.
Balconi has been on the market of extrusion presses since many years with its machines installed all over the world, which have been subject to continuous improvement and updating in recent years.

The Balconi new generation of extrusion presses:

  • The press kinematic with connecting rod designed with a modified double knuckle-joint system allows to obtain a 30% reduction of the impact speed on the punch, compared to the traditional systems and it assures a better extrusion of the can/tube.
  • The crankshaft is completely balanced to reduce vibrations.
  • Flywheel is mounted on an independent housing fixed to the press frame for a better stability during running and it is automatically lubricated.
  • Brake and clutch unit is mounted on the shaft without keys. This eliminates clearances in the time due to the wearing and it assures a better reliability in the time.
  • The can/tube unloading system is made by means of the new drum rotating system driven by a servomotor.
  • The machine is equipped with an extrusion force detector which keep possible variations of extrusion forces under control, due to punch and die wearing.

The new generation of Balconi extrusion presses are available with forces from 1.000 kN up to 20.000 kN and, on demand, also bigger, for tubes and cans having a diameter from 10 mm to 220 mm.