The production of aluminum or copper fins for radiators requires extremely accurate and reliable machines capable to work at high speed with very thin material (aluminum or copper ≤0,2 mm) in order to assure the necessary constant precision required by this specific type of product.
The extreme accuracy of the fin is an essential requirement to create in the following production stage of heat exchangers, piles of fins that can be easily stacked to introduce the copper pipes easily and quickly.

To achieve this result Balconi has made some dedicated machines specifically designed for fins and capable to work with high speed.

Balconi fin die presses have 4 connecting rods, 4 columns and 4 Plungers for the precision ram guiding and two eccentric shafts that are dynamically balanced.
Movement is transmitted to the ram by means of 4 plungers that are designed to eliminate the lateral forces generated by the connecting rods.
Ram is also guided by 4 precision columns with forced jet lubrication.
This double system with 8 guiding points assures a better and constant precision of the fin, a higher number of fins produced before tool regrinding and therefore, a reduction of production costs.
The press is provided with a quick lift system from 25 mm to 100 mm to lift the ram, without having to adjust the ram height, and this enables to have an easier access to the tool area, thus saving time during set up

Balconi fin die presses are available in the range of 600 kN and 1.000 kN force.